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coma la mierda y muera

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there's too much gay on this journal;
I made a new one. _dehumanisation

I am not going to add everyone that is on this one.
I will add everyone I know..and that is all.

8 love music hate facism

my spring break starts today.

3 love music hate facism

23 love music hate facism

1: I don't get a Spring Break at my school.
2: I missed Andrew's show.
3: I'm not allowed to go to Whitney's anymore.
hahaha daaamn. LAAAME STUFF!

oh well I guess.
mom's calling my school and saying we're going on vacation.
&don't worry. I'll still be going over to Whitney's, haha.

PLUS. I'm happy cos ZAO..
only foooouur more dayzzz♥
10 love music hate facism

who else is going?
only ten more days...
21 love music hate facism

on friday I went tomonte vista after school to pick up hyun poo
we went and ate and then took the bus and trolly to parkway.
we were there for like an hour, not even, and my mom came and picked me up so I could go to my sisters house down the street for some pinche` bullshit.
she took me back and by the time I got back, everyone showed up.
me, jessica, alexis, hyun poo, and Ian left parkway and went to spring valley for some "kick back" that the people actually didn't even want us at.
&to meet up with alexis and yarrrrrrra. they weere highhhh as FUCK.
we got high and waited for ralph.
he came and took us all to the "party".
those f00lz didn't want us there...we lwft and caught the last 855.
I guess everyone went back home.
I waited at the jack in the box cos Jeff said his friend Joe and him could come pick me up and we would party.
we went to Joe's house and me and some kid, Ethan got high as fuck.
Joe&Jeff went looking for beer or something? haha.
Ethan was really interesting totalk to..he was wwwwwwwaay coolzzz.
I guess Jeff left at like 5 in the morning and Joe took me tothe trolly at around 12. I was somewhere in Lakeside, I guess? haha
um yeah I went to whitney's and we went to grossmont.
we left to go to La Mesa trolly towait for some kid that was gonna give us weed. we thought he wasn't gonna show so we called some other guy, and they both ended up coming and giving us weed and we only had to pay for one of the sacks!! ahhh we r00l.
um we smoked with some guy while we waited for lyonn to come.
then wellz picked us up and lyonn made us a bong.
we got FUUUUCKED up.
whitney passed out like always after we ate the world.
we got up and went to some canyon we found by her house and smoked like 3 bowls of chroniccc..and I was all "that's why hippies love the earth so much. they're always high, and when you're high everyhting looks so beautiful."
cos we were in the forest..hahaha it was sickk.
then we ate at whitney's and my mom came toget me and I was still so high so I wouldn't let her look at me, I layed in the back cos I was "sick" haha.
I went home and ate and slept. I woke up at like 5.
yarra had my camera, hyun soo got it for me.

I will have it back on um...Tuesday, heck yeah.
6 love music hate facism

today was good

I met aaron carter
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

hez z00 hawtCollapse )
12 love music hate facism

the blow that you got is stepped on, it ain't shoot. [03.09.200510.23.p]
today I went to school.
I was so about to smoke with ghetto kids,
but um I'm on probation and I'm actually gonna do good now.
I went todrogas counseling.
we got a new counselor, AGAIN.
she's cool.
none of the other girlzzz showed up, bitches.
mom picked me up and took me to yogurt mill :]
then I met Brittany at carls jr.Collapse )
11 love music hate facism

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
today was one of the more eventful days I've had in a whiiile.
it was definitely good fun, fer reeeeal.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
WHHHHAA?!!!?!!Collapse )
23 love music hate facism

[ mood | gayzzz!!!!11 ]

somebody help me.
I really don't like my hair,
but I don't know what to dooo with it!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
im a mudafugin gee.Collapse )
I was thinking about dying it all black again..
but it's too plain..auiuiofgugd helpz!!!

..I totally drank a pepsi today!!! :\

26 love music hate facism

this weekend was so so..
same thing as usual.

umm on Friday I went to Whitney's.
her&I trecked it 235ddddrh64627777746237783890715-78 miles in the pouring rain to see some kids we know..
we walked back and watched some t.v. and then went to bed.

Saturday morning we made a pizza and smoked a cigarette.
we pretty much sat around all day, then went to Parkway at around 7.
nobody was really there, but we did see Kyle&a couple of other kids.
Whitney is smart. she lost her purse.
so we ended up walking around the mall looking for someone carrying a red purse..wow.
we couldn't find it, so we left.
we went to Vons so Lyonn could steal cheesecake,
then Whitney's dad took us to Jeff's house.
[he had the house to himself for the night and he wanted to parrrty.]
We all sat around and conversed all night..it was alright.

we left in the morning. Lyonn had to work so me&Whitterz sleptt.
we got up and cleaned her nasty ass room,
then got on the bus to go to grossmont to meet Angelica&Sarah.
we got there and walked around..GOT some make-up and such ;]
we were in the back and then we saw T-UNIT&EL EL.
omgzz itzz bin ferevrrrrrrr.
haha we hung out with them and then Refoolio&Cassandra came.
Teresa and Elise left and Whitterz&Lyonn went to the trolly.
I went to rubios with san san 'nd reph then my mom came..
I went home.
and then I took a shower just now.

oh&&&Whitney cut my bangs for me..REALLY good.Collapse )

deb$ r00lz!!!jasdfgug
why do my pictures come out so smallll?!?!?!?!
:[ :[ :[
13 love music hate facism

well today was;
school.reph.homiezzz.la mesa.north park.space bag.gooood times :]
you wish you were cool like me, huh?!!!Collapse )
I'm so partying it up this weekend..
if anyone's down just
drop it like it's hottt;

9 love music hate facism

I went to wschool today&then I hung out with andre.
we were gonna get some drogas but I'm clean these days..
I went to la busa and then went to drug counseling.
..we made dream catchers. gay? YES.
my mom came and got me cos I guess some of my family is here from new york,
so I had to go to viejas for dinner with them..lammmmmmme.
they were ALL gangstahhhz.Collapse )
then I went home..
tomorrow I am chillin' with reffer poozzzz :]
and maybe mike.

oh yeah
&&&this is my gangsta ass belt buckle..

if you take a look into my eyes
you can see I'm a gangsta 'til I die
this California chronic got me so high
hey tell 'em where you from;
18 love music hate facism

on Friday I went to whitneys' house
&didn't really do anything all night,
it was pretty lame.
we woke up and watched music on the t.v,
it was sickkk.
then we went to hyun poos' show, it as pretty good..
everyone was going to river city rebels so me&lyonn&whitney decided to hit it up.
it was really good, and I got to see alot of kids that I haven't seen in forevvvvvvvvver.
omg I was sooooo sore&tired after the show. I have bruises everywherrrre!!
we went to whitney's and slept
and then woke up at the fucking crack of dawn cos she had to work.
I went home and slept more for a while.
then I went to the boardwalk to meet up with richelle, rachel, blaine, debbie, sarah, and some other kid.
it got lame there so we left and went to parkway.
I chilled with kids all day and then went to richelle's house over in lakeside..wow.
I soent the night there,
but we didn't really sleep cos yeahhh, parrrty.
it was me, richelle, tom tom, kenny, aaron, &mark.
we watched superstar and awwe I had so much fun.
mark's coool ;]

at like 1:30, I left to go to drug counseling and yeah it was gay.
afterwards, I went to phil's house to go see sid and we walked around.
I was tired so I left, I went home and slept.
today at aschool me&andrew talked alot abouit some cool stuff,I had a good day. then I went to chill with whitney and we went to grosmont&saw cassandra and she hung out with us.
we got bored and went to parkway. then hot asian Mike came..
it was cool.
we drove around in his truck and listened to GOOD music..wow.
he just drove me home.

9 love music hate facism

today I went to school&
yeahCollapse )
31 love music hate facism

to caitlin; [02.21.20051.15.p]
you are the greatest..ever. and

you r00l.]Collapse )
33 love music hate facism


today sucked!
for a while, at least.

me&whitney got up at what? like 8.
we listened to all the HIPPEST musiczzzx0rz, yum!
then she had to go to work&lyonn went with her.
so I went to grossmont even though no one was thurrr,
I sat there by myself for like..FOUR AND A HALF HOURSSS!!

katiejames FINALLY came and we walked around and saw these kids we know.
we walked over somewhere..and whitney was coming so we had to come back,
but my mom came to get me cos "I haven't been home all week"..SO WHAT!
I went home.
but I'm chillin' later tonight with whitterz if we do something.
but if not, I'm going to see puff with katiejames and drive ar0und.
..I don't know.

what color should I do mah hurr??!Collapse )
7 love music hate facism

saturday, me&katiejames went to my house.
we changed and got clean and stuff then went to grossmont.
we met refugio here&then I told whitney&lyonn to come.
we're hot.Collapse )
4 love music hate facism

yesterday I went to school&then got high and went to drug counseling.
and everyone there was so cool&gave me food..I think they knew! haha
then I left and went to grossmont to meet up with KATIEJAMES!
&I saw my refoolio thurr. and some ugly girl.
oh&gosh, refugio was all HOTTED up.Collapse )
10 love music hate facism

today I went to school, it was alright.
after school I went to go chill with the ghetto kids from my school
&we moked it uppp in deandre's car.Collapse )
22 love music hate facism

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